IHT/New York Times: Contemporary Art Takes Root in Bangkok


BANGKOK, THAILAND — The idea for the Thai Art Archives grew out of a conversation Gregory Galligan had with two art professors from Bangkok’s Silpakorn University back in 2007. They told Mr. Galligan — at the time a New York-based art critic and curator — that the country lacked a proper modern and contemporary art archive.

Their example was Montien Boonma, an internationally respected Thai artist who was 47 years old when he died of cancer in 2000. His sketchbooks, photographs and library were still being kept in the family home, looked after by his son but not organized. Read more

First Person: A Lone (But Not a Lonely) Traveler


CHIANG MAI, THAILAND—When I told the waitress at the breakfast buffet this morning that I needed a table for one, she looked at me quizzically. “A table for one?” she asked. “Just for one?” “Yes,” I told her, smiling and trying not to be irritated. At dinner, the evening before, the wait-staff in the restaurant had hovered over me, asking me where I was from and why I was here travelling on my own. Forced to make small talk (but really wanting to catch up on a book I am reading about the mysterious disappearance of Thailand’s “Silk King” Jim Thompson), I explained I had been in Bangkok for a week working on story. I then told them I was now taking two weeks to explore both the north and south of Thailand. They seemed satisfied enough with my answer because having come to Thailand—initially for work—somehow implied that I was 1) a not weirdo or 2) a saddo vacationing on my own in some sort of “Eat Pray Love” trip to find myself. Read more